Manifest Abundance in Your Life
When you read that title, immediately a couple of things jumped out at you. Most people would have seen the word ‘Abundance’ and thought something about increase or more than enough. The second thing most people will see is the phrase ‘Your Life’ and realize this is about me and something about me increasing or getting more. Unfortunately, I am not offering a plan or solution like that, in fact, my take on this is the exact opposite. If you want more of anything, you must first start with giving something away.
When I discover a treasure, the first and most natural tendency is two-fold, and those two things are opposites. The first reaction is that we want to tell others because in doing so, we get to relive the experience of finding the treasure for the first time over and over again. The second most common reaction is to hide that treasure, so others will not try and take it away or exploit it. Thus, in our quest to discover a treasure, we find ourselves in a quandary and we are confused with what to do next.
When you find something unique, something to be highly treasured, or of infinite value, give it away. If you want to have more, give more. I know that is probably not the advice you want to hear, but it is so true. We can only hold so much and the older we get the more full our hands become. There have been a few times in my life when I have given things away that were valued by me. I enjoyed those things for a long time and passing them along enables me to enjoy them afresh and anew as I watch others enjoy them.
What are you holding onto, that you need to release? What can you give away today in order to free up some space in your hands to hold something new? If you desire something new in your life, what are you willing to part with to create the room in your hands for that new thing? If you want to manifest abundance or increase in your life, what will you let go of? What are you holding that you are willing to share with someone else? The old adage, ‘The more you give, the more you get’ still rings true and it is still a great way bring increase in your life.