Organizational coaching is designed to bring transformational change to the infrastructure of your organization. Leaders often recognize the need to bring change to their organization but are not sure where to start. This type of coaching works with a core leadership team to make the necessary changes a reality. In addition, it enables key players in your organization to work together in identifying direction and a course of action.

This is where we meet with a leader or leadership team to develop the structure for your board. We walk through an exercise that considers the core of your organization and the types of individuals you need on the Board to create a healthy organization. The outcome of this meeting is a clear understanding of core basics for your organization and a plan on how to develop your board as a team that actually creates solutions rather than just rehashing existing problems.

We meet with organizational boards and refine the scope of their efforts. The majority of people serving on boards genuinely want to make a difference or have an impact on the organization they are a part of. This process helps to define the profiles needed in your organization and create meaningful guidelines to fully utilize the skill sets each board member brings to the group. Once the organizational profiles are created, we work to creatively fit the pieces of your organizational leadership together. This results in compounded synergy and a genuine understanding of each person’s role and responsibilities.